Aztec The Refresher Propane Multi-Purpose Machine - 30"

Aztec The Refresher Propane Multi-Purpose Machine - 30"

Item # AZT-042-1

  • A high productivity propane multi-purpose machine for polishing concrete, refreshing terrazzo and stripping wax; designed for previously polished concrete and terrazzo floors.
  • Engine: Kawasaki 603 cc; Centrifugal clutch: Standard
  • Head pressure: 330 lbs.; Head size: 3 each 10" quick change heads
  • No. of heads: 3; Head speed: Clockwise 1295 RPM
  • Brush drive: Clockwise 250 RPM
30", ea
Manufacturer Item #042-1

Hone, polish and burnish concrete and terrazzo floors with diamonds and pads. Strip and scrub VCT floors with strip brushes or pads. The Refresher features dust control capability with a gimbaled, synchronous planetary drive and integral water tank. Drive includes three sets of quick change driver heads/brushes: 3 strip brushes, 3 Velcro drivers and 3 Might-Lok drivers.


  • Gimbled head follows floor resulting in consistent gloss.
  • Rugged powder-coated US steel frame and body.
  • Self-leveling, mechanically sealed drive unit.
  • Synchronous positive drive belt with metal synchronous drive pulleys.
  • Solid-lube multi-directional bearings with Nylos seals.
  • Premium German precision centrifugal clutch.
  • Custom catalytic muffler.
  • 8 gallon water tank for wet operations.
  • Green LEED and GS-42 compliant dry with vacuum.

Refresher Multifunction 4-Step Process

  • Step 1: Stripping/Deep Scrubbing. Strip or deep scrub the floor to remove VCT floor finish, sealer or deeply ground-in soils. Many polished concrete, terrazzo and marble floors have been coated with VCT floor finish or sealer, reducing their luster and
  • Step 2: Honing. Hone the floor to remove scratches or sealers using the quick-change Velcro[R] driver with hybrid diamonds. These diamonds will cut more deeply than resins, but not as deeply as metal diamonds, allowing the scratches or sealers to be re
  • Step 3: Polishing. Polish the floor using the Velcro[R] drivers with resin puck diamonds or the Mighty-Lok[R] drive with diamond pads.
  • Step 4: Burnishing. Apply guard and burnish the floor using the Mighty-Lok[R] head to accept burnishing pads or diamond impregnated pads. Burnish until the floor heats to 90° F.