Ossian Triple Melt® Ice Melter - 50# Bag

Ossian Triple Melt® Ice Melter - 50# Bag

Item # OSS-IM6450

  • When you need to get to a safe surface fast, Triple Melt[R] with Activar[R] can get you there & save you money along the way.
  • Sub-zero melting,15% calcium/magnesium chloride agglomerate
  • Safer for concrete and vegetation
  • Anti-caking agent
50# Bag, ea
Manufacturer Item #IM6450

Melting Speed: Activar[R] speeds the conversion of dry ice melting salts to a liquid brine, this process results in faster melting action and a safer surface in less time.


Spread ability: We screen out the fines. This not only improves the spreading features of Triple melt[R] w/Activar[R] but also provides more even melting action. Another big plus is eliminating the nasty blow back from fines when spreading in windy wea

Contains anti-caking agents that provide easy flow for ice melt spreaders. This means a more controlled application rate when spreading.

Blue coverage indicator: Contains a water soluble non-staining coverage indicator. Making it easier to see when spreading.

Utilizing the economy of multi-ice melting compounds, it is an effective ice melter at a very economical price.

Will not harm concrete when used according to label instructions. Excessive use, or when used on concrete of questionable quality can cause flaking and scaling. Triple Melt[R] w/Activar[R] will not harm vegetation when used according to label instructio